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UM cars welcome We at U.M.Cars are committed to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality services to our customers through continuous improvement of processes & systems.

Stands for Ur Mechanic CAReS, the management & the entire team of U.M.Cars believe in the philosophy that we are the personal mechanics of each of our client’s cars. As such our entire focus is in providing the customer with the best advice for service and maintenance of his prized automobile. U.M.Cars was established in the year 1998 and over the last 19 years we have won the hearts of thousands of customers for the kind of service we offer . U.M. Cars, is a completely organized, professionally managed Maruti Authorized Service Station operating in Bangalore. Our operations caters to all Maruti Suzuki range of vehicles cutting across a wide range of services. Customer is the king and that'll never change. And we at UM Cars understand it better than anybody else. In every tiny step we take, every word we speak, you can sense it. It's in the fabric of our company. Customer satisfaction through highest quality service is what mends the heart and soul of UM Cars.

Market research gives an indication that, most customers want to talk directly to the Technicians whom they could trust and whom they believe that they'll provide the best for their car. Without a shade of second thought, you can find exact same at UM Cars. Every need of your car will be taken care under the guidance of finest technicians, all under one roof. At UM Cars, we got a team of qualified Engineers, Technicians and foremen who are efficient, skilled and are capable of diagnosing and servicing your car under any extreme condition. No matter how indifferent your car was when it came to us, we assure you that your car will be at its best condition when you drive it out from U.M. Cars . All our in house staffs are well trained and certified under regulated guidelines from Maruti Suzuki. With us, your vehicle is with the safest pair of hands you'll ever find.

Genuinity should be the guiding factor for any organization. It's the scale which measures the quality. We're privileged to say that we belong to the crème de la crème of service stations in Bangalore. Every spare we use on your vehicle is 100% genuine and straight from the parent company, Maruti Suzuki. We know what it takes to build a name. And we are determined to sketch it in golden letters. What sets us apart from fellow service providers is the care we take to maintain the integrity of your car's originality. For us, car is not just a property. Its much beyond that. Its this vision which made us a standout service provider in Bangalore.

Over the years, we've upgraded ourselves with station facilities and with latest machineries at our service stations so that none of our customers misses out on any service needs for their cars. All our machineries are from leading manufacturers in line with Maruti Suzuki and every tool we use goes through regular quality checks. Last but not the least, we're incomplete without our team of passionate employees. We ensure best possible work environment for our employees so that they'll be at ease and will enable them to give best output. Together we are a team and works towards a common goal. We've been successful in building a comfort level in our company which reflects in the way we handle our customers. We're proud to be serve them and they're happy to come to us.

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